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The Neubert Painting Advantage is the system that we have developed over our 40 years of experience. We guarantee superior paint jobs that will keep your home looking beautiful while saving you both time and money over an extended period.

Our high-quality services begin with our extensive preparation process and continue beyond the completion of the job. We use the finest primers and high-end materials to ensure the longevity of our work, while our certified professional painters make every effort to provide you with a premium job.

While many companies sever ties with the completion of the job, Neubert Painting continues to work for you through our automatic 4-year warranty program with touch ups provided at no additional cost.

Beyond our top-of-the-line warranty program, our Continued Maintenance Program offers further free inspections with high quality, reduced rate touch ups for up to 6 additional years, protecting your home for up to 10 years!

Our use of the finest materials and an unmatchable guarantee is the Neubert Painting Advantage. “Quality Painting. That’s All We Do!

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