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Warranty & Maintenance

Watch video below to learn more about our Warranty Program

Warranty Program

Your exterior paint job will be covered by Neubert Painting’s four (4) year worry-free warranty. We will automatically inspect your home each year for damage to the painted surfaces, and touch up as needed at no cost to you. This system is designed to keep the wood surfaces protected and looking good, reducing the likelihood of expensive carpentry repairs in the future.

Continued Maintenance Program

We will continue to inspect your home after the warranty has ended. We will touch up areas as needed at a discounted rate. By maintaining your home annually, you will extend the life of your home’s paint

Vinyl and Aluminum Siding Refinishing Warranty

Your paint job will be covered by Neubert Painting’s Ten (10) year worry-free warranty. Our warranty covers all damage, no matter what the cause may be (i.e. moisture issues, water leaks, etc.). This program is designed to give the homeowner confidence in knowing that their investment is guaranteed.

Cabinet Refinishing Warranty

Your cabinet refinishing job will be covered by Neubert Painting’s five (5) year hassle-free, worry-free warranty. If any of these items occur, Neubert Painting will refinish the effected doors or cabinet boxes. This system is designed to provide you peace of mind.